Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will the website “SEO” well?

A: SEO is an extremely broad topic that can get really complicated really quickly. In short, we’ll provide you a highly SEO-optimized site to use as the underlying structure for your SEO efforts going forward. Without a website with solid onsite SEO to link build against, your linkbuilding time is likely being wasted. With a predesigned or custom website that works, you just have to plug in your content to your new site and go! Longer Answer.

Q: How do I get traffic to my website?

A: Even if you have the best converting website on the planet, you still need traffic to convert to leads and clients. Traffic acquisition breaks down into three primary areas: organic SEO traffic, paid traffic, and offline marketing (bringing your existing sphere online). Longer Answer.

Q: What happens to my existing email when I launch my new site?

A: Virtual Results servers do not have support for email services. You have one or three options if you have existing email addresses you plan to continue to use. 1) Migrate your email to Google Apps or 2) Talk to your domain registrar and setup another hosted email solution or 3) Send us your existing MX records to point to. Here are further details.

Predesigned Websites that Work

Q: How long will it take to get my website setup?

A: From the time the set up fee is paid and the questionnaire is completed, your predesigned website that works should be setup within 14 working business days. In some markets, IDX approval may take as long as several weeks. In those scenarios, your site will be fully functional, but without the IDX search functionality until the approval process is completed. For more details regarding what to expect during the setup process, review this document.

Q: What is the process for getting my website setup?

A: 1) Pay the setup fee (form located here) or call your sales representative to process your order. 2) Complete the site questionaire with your sales rep. 3) Wait for us to send you an email confirming the completion of your new website along with a user name and password! 4) Add your content (bio, community descriptions, listings)! 5) Change your server settings.(Which we can do for you) 6) You’re done!

Further details are located here.

Q: What’s included as part of the $699 setup fee?

A: We setup your website from start to finish, which includes the following:

  • Custom work on the header to integrate a photo, logo, and title & tag line
  • Install a preset selection of wordpress plugins
  • Fill the site with your contact info and social media integration
  • Setup your Altos Research account and create a primary “Market Stats” landing page
  • Setup IDX and integrate it into your primary community pages
  • Put domain mapping in place so that the site is on your own domain name (you will have to change the server settings on your side)

We hand over the reigns to the website and all you’ll have to do is add your content and go!

Q: What types of setup options are not included?

A: 301 redirects on other domains you own, custom designed graphics buttons, consultation on which domain names to use and your overall online marketing strategy, migrating your email to Google Apps (use for that), setting up non-standard plugins, configuring email services, adding widgets, and integrating data services outside of Altos Research and Diverse Solutions. Any custom content creation, content transfer or modifications not within the scope of work for a pre-designed site will be billed at $65.00 per hour.

Q: What’s included for the $99 per month?

A: Web hosting on our super fast servers, continual upgrades, backups (so you don’t lose your data), WordPress security upgrades, a “lite” version of Altos Research (access to 4 areas), and Diverse Solutions’ dsIDXpress WordPress plugin. In addition, as a Virtual Results client, you’ll have access to the Geek Estate Pro community to help resolve all your open issues, as well as email and phone support as needed. Longer Answer.

You can upgrade to our premium package of $199 per month to add dsSearchAgent to your site as well as a full version of Altos Research. Full details here.

Q: I have a WordPress blog already – can you import my content?

A: Yes

Q: I have a Blogger blog already – can you import my content?

A: Yes, for an additional $100 we will do an import from your blogger/blogspot blog. You’ll have to send us your user name and password to your account, and prepay the $100 before we’ll do the import.

Note images won’t transfer to Virtual Results servers as part of the import process. As long as you retain your blogger account, the images will still be referenced and display within your blog posts – they just won’t sit on our servers.

Q: I have an Active Rain blog already – can you import my content?

A: Yes.

Note images uploaded and hosted on Active Rain won’t transfer to Virtual Results servers as part of the import process.

Q: What sort of contract do I have to sign?

A: Good news — there is no annual contract required! We aren’t trying to lock you into a contract you don’t want to be in, so if you ever want to go to another website platform, you can cancel at anytime with 30 days notice. Here is the website agreement (at bottom of page) you agree to as part of the Predesigned Website that Works platform.

Q: Who “owns” my data? Can I export my data?

A: You own your data. Whatever data you add to your website while it’s on the Virtual Results Predesigned Websites that Work platform can be easily exported via the WordPress export interface. Longer Answer.

Q: Do I own the site design and can I take it with me should I terminate my agreement?

A: You own the data, but you do not own the site design and WordPress instance. The Agent Plus sites contain proprietary marketing tools and functionality that is server based and cannot be hosted on any other servers but ours. If you terminate your agreement, then you’ll have to start over in terms of a site design.

Q: Can I host my predesigned website that works with a different web host such as Dreamhost or Rackspace?

A: No, web hosting with Virtual Results is required for those of you with our predesigned websites that work. The platform is built on a WordPress multisite instance, so cannot be separated from Virtual Results servers.

Q: How much storage space am I allotted?

A: You receive 1,000 megabytes of storage as part of your monthly package. If you find yourself needing additional storage space for photos or other large files, you can pay $5 per month for each additional 1,000 megabytes.

Q: Do I get FTP access to upload files?

A: No, there is no FTP access on our predesigned platform.

Q: What if Diverse Solutions and Altos Research are not available in my area?

A: If you want to use our platform without dsIDXpress or altos, your monthly cost will be $45 per month instead of $99. For your home search, we will iframe whatever idx you use onto ONE page or you can link off of your website to whatever search you’d like. You won’t be able to use the search boxes we have custom built for our platform since those hook straight to Diverse Solutions. To be 100% clear, we are not going to do any custom work to hook up another IDX vendor unless you pay for a full custom site. For market stats, you can pull in data from Zillow via the Local Market Explorer WordPress plugin or create your own market reports.

Q: I’d like to add Diverse Solutions dsAgentReach to my monthly package. How much does that cost?

A: To add Pro, add $15/mo per user to your monthly Virtual Results bill. For Broker, add $22.50 per month per user to your monthly Virtual Results bill. Learn more about dsAgentReach here.

Q: I’d like a different color scheme than the ones available. What are my options?

A: We can integrate another color scheme into the predesigned platform for you at the cost of $300. This is not a design process — we will add the exact hex codes you send to us, but will not go back and forth with shades of colors until you are satisfied. We offer this as a solution for those who desire a very specific color scheme. If you want a full design process done on your site, you can always go with a full custom site.

Q: I’d like a header redesign. What are my options?

A: We’ll complete a header redesign for you at a cost of $75. Please just send a request to, we’ll send you an invoice, and then work with you on the header redesign once the invoice is paid.

Q: Can I track my website visitors with Google Analytics?

A: Yes, you can setup a Google Analytics account and input the tracking code via the Ultimate Google Analytics plugin. We have an entire page in our help center devoted to setting this up. Note we can not provide phone and email support for Google Analytics questions, but you can absolutely add it and analyze the data on your own time. If you have questions related to Google Analytics, ask them in the Geek Estate forum.

Q: Can I add any WordPress plugin to my site?

A: No. There are a number of plugins available to use on a Virtual Results Predesigned Website that Works, but you can’t add any plugin you want. A corrupt plugin can theoretically bring down not only your site, but every website on our network of real estate websites. Therefore, we must test each & every plugin with our themes prior to activating one on our platform.

Custom Websites that Work

Q: If I purchase a custom websites that work, do I have to host the site with Virtual Results?

A: No, you can take the site and host it anywhere you’d like. However, we bill at a higher hourly rate to make changes or fixes to your site at a later date if they are not hosted on Virtual Results servers.

Q: How long will it take to get my custom website live?

A: That depends on how busy our development team is, and how many sites we have backordered at the time you sign up. Once we get your 50% deposit, completing your site could take as little as 3 weeks, or as long as 3 months. Please ask about current development schedule when discussing your custom website with our team.

Q: How much is the monthly hosting cost for custom sites and what does that cover?

A: $159 per month for hosting + Altos Research + dsSearchAgent + dsIDXpress + RealPing

If there are other questions you’d like answered, please send them to support at virtualresults dot net