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Websites that WorkAfter logging many, many sites and millions of clicks, Virtual Results came to the realization that the Real Estate Web consumers’ expectations, habits and click patterns are strikingly uniform.

Effective Web design is NOT about aesthetics, it is about understanding what YOUR consumer is looking for, and delivering it in a way that lures them to investigate further.

Real Estate web searchers are looking for properties, search tools and market information. They are generally NOT looking for Realtors.

Searchers will, however, contact or self identify themselves if their needs are met by the agent’s website. Websites that Work© are NOT created solely to look great (although they do!). They are borne from Years of Research and Analytics and created with strict criteria to be the most effective, lead generating websites available today…

If your website is not converting your traffic into leads, and clients, then you are MISSING the point of having a website. If you can drive traffic (or want us to help you with that too), then our websites that work will maximize the chances that traffic turns into leads for you and your team.

In determining what you would like to see in a custom site, please look at the links below and get an idea of a site you would like to draw inspiration from. Then you can look at some of the technologies offered on some of the other sites to come up with an overall idea of what you see for your site. Or, we can totally start from the ground up providing your design ideas don’t detract from SEO or conversions.

Here are some custom sites we have completed: Broker Broker Major Team Site Great new concept Manhattan, complex MLS - Newest luxury design for architectural properties Gulf site with the map tool Mortgage Company Site Launched 7/1 Launched 7/1

Broker’s Choice Program:

Keeping in mind the Agent Plus Semi-Custom sites share the same high conversion rate for first-time visitor property searches, Custom Sites allow for expanded branding, additional presentation tools, custom integrated maps and custom IDX feeds.

The difference between a custom site costing $6,000 – $10,000 and custom developmental sites ranging from $10,000 – $100,000

If you choose a design or are inspired by a site we have already created, AND the technologies you want for your site have already been developed, the price will range between the $6K and $10K range. IF, your custom site requires custom functionality development, the price of your site could be significantly higher and we will quote on a case by case basis.

As an option for agents with a more conservative budget, in addition to our pre-design sites we recently launched our Agent Plus Platinum semi-custom website.


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If a custom is currently outside of your budget, I would start you with an agent plus knowing, as you realize additional sales from the semi-custom, that you can upgrade in the future to a custom and we will credit you with what you paid for the Agent Plus.Or, Predesigned websites that work (our workstarting at $699!


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Here are just some of the features included in a Website that Works:

Interested in finding out if a Website that Works is available for your town?  Contact us – we would LOVE to speak to you about it…


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