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    VR Brokerís Choice is the agent website for Brokers who value their agents' success. Built on our VR Agent Plus platform, VR Brokerís Choice allows Brokers to provide beautifully designed Broker branded Wordpress websites with Broker-provided content to every agent in their organization at an unbeatable price. Learn More

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    For Pricing:

    VR Broker's Choice Features

    Agent Plus
    VR Broker's Choice
    Built on Wordpress
    SEO Optimized
    Built in Conversion Tools
    Indexable, Optimized IDX
    Platform improvements
    A world class design and development team
    Geek Estate Pro
    Custom Brokerage Branding
    Advanced Customization
    Integrated Brokerage Content
    Discounted Monthly Rates
    Discounted Setup Costs

    Partner Spotlight: M Squared Real Estate

    "When making the decision to offer Wordpress websites to our agents, we evaluated vendors extremely carefully. We needed a scalable solution to incorporate our existing technological offerings with those in-development and planned. It was evidently clear the team at Virtual Results understands the needs of todayís agent better than anyone. Their Brokerís Choice program provides industry-leading IDX with world class design to create a complete, easy-to-use solution for both the agent and client alike. Moreover, Virtual Resultsí management of plugins, hosting and general website upkeep, allows our marketing department the time and freedom to work one-on-one with our agents to truly maximize their online potential."
    Dominic Morrocco, Co-Founder / Partner

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    Most Commonly Asked Questions

    • Q: What if we want our own white labeled network for our agents?

      Weíve built several entire WordPress platforms for partners of ours. However, a commitment of at least 50 sites is needed for a white label program. Contact us for details.

    • Q: How does pricing work?

      Both the initial setup and the monthly hosting are dependent on the volume of sites that your brokerage commits to. Contact us for details.

    • Q: What type of support is included?

      Virtual Results offers email and phone as needed. In addition, there is an exclusive, client-only Facebook Group for our clients to connect with each other and share learnings. The Geek Estate Pro forums are also at your displosal. In short? We have you covered.