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VR Agent Plus

You NEED conversion. Virtual Results has designed each of these sites based on our experience with over 10 million clicks of analytics. In a word? They work. Why mess around trying to create your own design when you can have a WEBSITE THAT WORKS up and running in 72 hours. You sell Real Estate. We create Websites that Work.


Predesigned Monthly Hosting Plans

Laser Fast Web Hosting
Automatic WordPress updates
Automatic backups
Platform improvements
A world class design and development team
Geek Estate Pro
VR Article Services - 2 Blog Posts Per Week
dsSearchAgent + dsSearchAgentMobile
Altos "Lite"
Altos Professional
Altos Research (broker-level access)
Discounted Rates on AgentReach
Discounted monthly rates
$99.00 per month
$189.00 per month

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Lori Bee
"All it took was a brief description of HOW and WHY Virtual Results designed Websites that Work the way they do... They design and make changes based on Analytics. They watch what does and doesn’t work and constantly improve..."

Greg Dallaire
"I interviewed a lot of Internet Companies that knew design, or social media, or even SEO... but Virtual Results was the only company I interviewed that knew it all, and planned to succeed from square one..."

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