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We know this can be a difficult process, if you don’t already have a brand, because there are so many different directions you can go. That’s okay. We are going to guide you through the process. To start, we’ve compiled a selection of some of our headers for you to be inspired by, as well as developed some questions for you to think about as you are deciding what header you are looking for. Please have answers to these questions ready by the time we are ready to start your header design.

Note: There is a limit of one (1) revision to your header. After that, there is a $75 header redesign fee, for any revisions or redesigns. 

Here are a few questions you can think about when talking to your Project Manager about your header:


  1. Are there any websites you like the look of and what to use as the inspiration of your header design?
  2. Is there a specific look or feel that you want (i.e. Modern, Clean, Organic, Grunge, Classic, Artistic…etc.)?
  3. Is there a specific image you want as a part of your header (i.e. a house, palm trees, an orange, a silhouette, golf… etc.)?
  4. Do you have any assets that are currently a part of your brand (i.e. logo, tagline, slogan, team name… etc.)?

 View the following headers of some current Virtual Results Agent Plus clients for some inspiration….











Rina & Sergio Header