Virtual Results Custom Designs

Virtual Results has created custom websites for many of the top Agents and Brokers across the country. Our custom sites allow for expanded branding, additional presentation tools, custom integrated maps and custom IDX feeds. Our custom websites range from $7000 – $12,000.

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We Make It So Easy Once You Choose Your Design We Do The Rest!

Nobody else in our industry provides you with so much for so little. All the services listed below are included with our basic monthly package for just $119 per month!

IDX An IDX is what allows us to integrate your MLS on to your website in a very consumer friendly way. – Click Here For Features

Laser Fast Web Hosting – We’ve got a killer server setup managed by one of the core WordPress developers that means your website will always load fast and won’t go down in the middle of a listing presentation.

Altos Lite – Easy to use WordPress plugins that allow you to easily populate your website with up to date market statistics, with integrated lead capture capabilities.
Click Here To Learn More About Altos Research (An additional fee may be required for multiple agents).


VR Evergreen Post Plugin – We are so excited about this new plugin. The evergreen post plugin allows you to create dynamic posts and have them re-date and renew at an interval of your choice. – Click Here To Watch a Video Presentation of Our Evergreen Tool

Professionally Written Content – 2 articles per week for your blog, by our professional writers.- Click Here To Learn More About Pubsub

Happy GrasshopperThis tool helps you keep in touch with your sphere of influence by sending timely, interesting messages they’ll actually read. The best part is that you don’t even have to write them.
Click Here To Learn More About Happy Grasshopper

Mobile Content Syndication – This tool allows you to upload a photo while you’re in the field, like at an open house. Just snap a couple pictures, hit send, and you just posted pictures and a description to your blog it’s that simple!

On-Going Support & Training – Access to “Geek Estate Pro”, a new internet marketing and WordPress community for tech savvy real estate professionals with a special section dedicated to resolving Virtual Results client questions. As a Virtual Results client, you’ll also have access to our webinars every week, email and phone and GoToMeeting support should you need it.

Automatic WordPress Updates
– We handle all WordPress core and plugin upgrades so you don’t have to worry about maintaining your WordPress instance and getting hacked.


Automatic Backups – We backup your data so you don’t have to worry about losing it to a technical glitch.

Platform improvements – Part of what you get for your monthly fee is continual upgrades to our WordPress website platform and access to new themes, page layouts, and plugins as we release them. The website you start with is not going to be the same website you have 2 years from now. In two years, it’ll be much much better with new features, functionality, and conversion tools.