5 Content Ideas for Your Real Estate WordPress Blog

By Drew Meyers on November 17, 2011

Here are 5 content ideas we covered on our Virtual Results webinar today:

  1. The next time you visit your favorite coffee spot, interview your local Barista, and feature them and their coffee shop on your blog.
  2. Local events. Concerts. Festivals. Sporting events. Be the source of local events for your areas of expertise.
  3. “My Favorite Hole in the Wall Thai Food in Seattle” (if you like Thai food like I do)
  4. The 5 newest real estate listings in [city name] for the week of [date range]
  5. Recruit local business owners to produce content for your site. However, remember, it’s hard work to convince others to write for your site — but it’s worth the effort over the long term.
What content ideas are working for you?