6 Ways to Warm Up a Cold Room

By Virtual Results on January 05, 2022

6 Ways to Warm Up a Cold RoomBrrrrrrrr! Did you just feel a cold draft? Winter is here, and for many of us, that means freezing temperatures. It can also mean higher electric bills when we’re trying to warm up a room that is always cold.

Extreme temperatures can also affect power lines and create blackouts that can take extended periods of time to restore. No power to heat up a room is much worse than a high electric bill. A generator installation, specially if you live in an area where these extreme temperatures can present themselves seasonally, is a great idea to keep your family safe and warm.

But did you know there are many ways that you can make a room warm without cranking up the thermostat or using a space heater? Here are six ways that you can warm up a cold room this winter.

Open vents and registers

If you’ve got a cold room, then the first thing you should do is to make sure that all the registers and vents in that room are open. In addition, check to see if anything is blocking the flow from a register, such as furniture or curtains. Simply making sure that your vents and registers can operate freely can solve your cold room problem in an instant.

Check the furnace filter

Did you remember to clean or replace your furnace filter at the beginning of winter? If not, then that may be why you’re feeling so chilly. According to the Furnace tune up in Scranton, clean filters help to improve airflow and let your system run more efficiently. So be sure to check the filter and clean or replace it if necessary. If you need Furnace maintenance in Manassas, you may need a furnace tune-up provider like the furnace repair in Meridian that can maintain your furnace when it’s running, repair it when it isn’t, and let you know when the time comes to order a new heating replacement. Most importantly, make sure as well to conduct regular repairs and maintenance; you may hire professional HVAC contractors in Arlington, TX. You can as well check out this helpful site at  https://www.arnoldjonesservices.com/ for your furnace needs.

Seal cracks

Another reason you may have a cold room is that cold air is getting in from outside. Check around doors and windows for cracks or gaps. If you find any, then seal them with caulk or weather stripping. You might also use a window film to add an extra layer of protection. Draft guards for doors and windows can also help to keep out the cold.

Reverse ceiling fans

Did you know that you should reverse the rotation of your ceiling fans in the winter? In the summer, set your ceiling fan to rotate counterclockwise. This will push down cool air. But in the winter, reverse the direction to clockwise. Run the ceiling fan at a low speed, which will gently pull up warm and air and force it back down.

Swap out curtains

It’s nice to have light curtains on your windows in the summer. They can let in all that glorious sunshine! But in the winter, swap out curtains for a heavier variety. Using heavy curtains or drapes in the winter can help to keep the cold air out. Leave the drapes open during the day to let in the sunshine, which can help to warm the room. Once the sun sets, close the drapes to help keep the room warm. Portable heaters for camping are a fantastic way to keep warm.

Use area rugs

If your floors are made of wood, tile, or linoleum, then they may feel very cold against your feet. The simplest way to make your floors warmer in the winter is to use area rugs. This will help to keep your feet (and your pets’ feet) warmer in winter. You can even layer your rugs for maximum effect.

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