Adding School Data via to Your Predesigned Website that Works

By Drew Meyers on June 28, 2011

We all know school information is one of the critical pieces of information that buyers are researching during the home buying process, so it’s only natural to have relevant school information accessible directly from your real estate website. While having all the right information is necessary you should also have a website that is pleasing for your clients to look at. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to scroll through a website that is not well organized and has information all over the place. So before adding any information, make sure you have an appropriate web design so people who visit know where to go while on your site. Once you have a basic layout then you can choose where you want your information to go and which colors scale you want.

Want to add school information to the community pages of your Predesigned Website that Works?┬áIt’s simple to pull in school data from using the Local Market Explorer plugin (one of the available plugins on our platform).

Here’s how:

  • Request that we activate the Local Market Explorer plugin on your site (by submitting a request in the Work Requests portion of the Geek Estate forum)
  • Navigate to the editor of one of your community pages, or any page of post you want to insert school data into
  • Click the Local Market Explorer icon in your visual editor (screenshot)
  • Configure the module correctly by entering module you want (schools) and city and state (or ZIP) that you want to pull into the current page (screenshot)
  • Click INSERT

Thanks to our diligent and highly efficient web application development partners, the finished result will look something like this (from Kurt Maier’s Del Mar page):