Basketball Themed Home Makeovers for March Madness

By loradel on February 14, 2018

Basketball Themed Home MakeoversWith NCAA Final Four Basketball finals coming up, basketball themed bedrooms, game rooms, theater rooms and garages stoke dreams of future champions. Give a makeover to a space in your house and score big time with March Madness fans and upgrade your home’s real estate value at the same time.

Put in an in-door basketball hoop like this mounted basketball hoop. Hoops come in various sizes and mounting options, so decide if you want your hoop on the wall, over the door, or on its own stand. Freestanding hoops typically adjust for height so your hoop can grow with your child.

Home value tip: An over-the-door hoop can damage the top of the door, so use thicker foam padding under the hoop’s bracket to protect the door. Be sure that the “basketball” is made of non-marking material. That way, you will have less repainting to do if you place your home on the real estate market.

If you are looking at a media or game room makeover, consider all the age groups that will use the room. Place your basketball hoop as far opposite of your television screen as possible. Your makeover will not seem as fun if a stray ball or elbow damages your big screen. If you do not have a media room, or separate room for a basketball retreat, I can help you find a home for sale that better meets your needs.

Home value tip: Adding a fully automated media room may not add value to a smaller home, especially if it takes away from essential living space. According to an article in Investopedia by former real estate agent and award-winning author Jean Folger, while luxury home buyers in certain areas and age groups look for the addition of IT and AV technologies when searching for a home, others homebuyers will not consider paying more for specialized spaces over more generic living space. I can help you decide if a home theatre is the best remodel option for your home when considering your home’s resale value.

Think about replacing carpet with hardwood or wood-look laminate like this home’s indoor court. Add basketball-themed peel-and-stick decals to flooring to make removal and changes simple. That way, when your budding WNBA-star decides to be a ballerina instead, you’re not worried about damaging your new flooring with hard to remove paint.

Home value tip: Hardwood may increase the value of your home, and choosing a sustainable or eco-friendly option may make your home more attractive to a potential home buyer. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America suggests replacing carpeting with hardwood, vinyl, linoleum tile or even slate, since carpeting often is home to dust mites and pollen and other allergens. I can help you find a qualified contractor to install your new flooring and help you determine the best choice of flooring for return on investment when you place your home for sale, so just give me a call.

Your extra garage space might be the optimal location for a basketball makeover. You can see a great example in this garage makeover. A three-car garage space can double as a half-court basketball area, complete with a scoreboard clock, painted-in lines and a larger hoop than you would use inside the house. Garage ceilings often are higher and can accommodate larger hoops, but most still are not high enough for a full-sized hoop at regulation height.

Home value tip: Finishing your garage floor with high-quality epoxy paint, if done right, can add value to your home. I can help you find a qualified professional to refinish your garage floors and help you determine if it will add value to your home.

Outdoor courts continue to be popular with families for the obvious advantages of keeping the noise outside and protecting the home’s interior from damage. Make sure to place your hoop in an area that avoids direct contact with windows and exterior surfaces on your home that are prone to damage—such as metal roofs, garage doors and gutters—and potential health hazards such as fragile asbestos siding. Consider a freestanding basketball hoop and place it far away from exterior surfaces that might sustain damage like the one on this patio or this fenced in one. If your exterior area is full of trees, you can hire a Crane Tree Removal service before you put a court.

Home value tip: If your home has asbestos siding, or you are considering purchasing a home with asbestos siding, I can advise you on regulations and ordinances regarding removing, repairing or covering your siding. A professional contractor with specialized training in asbestos removal is usually the best option, so call me for referrals. Any siding replacement may change the value of your home. According to Remodeling‘s annual Cost vs. Value trends, the siding you choose makes a difference when considering your return on investment (ROI). So contact me and I will help you decide what will increase your home’s value most.

If you are looking for a home for sale to host your March Madness parties, give me a call. I will help you find just the right property for you.