Is your business card a conversation aid or conversation killer.

Being a Realtor is a social job and a talented Realtor never knows where his/her next client will come from.

Realtors will often find themselves in social situations and social conversations where the topic of Real Estate comes up.  It is a Realtors natural instinct to introduce themselves and state their occupation.  Perhaps even offer a business card.  But this is a social event.  At what point does offering a card turn a conversation into an unwanted sales pitch.

Real Estate conversations often cover two topics.  “How is the market doing?” and a version of “Are there any great deals out there right now?” or “Wheres the best place to look for a home?” or “What is the best area to live in”  These are all great buying questions, but none of them are “Are you a Realtor and will you give me your card”

How about carrying two cards.  Your official card, and a card that is a great third party conversation aid…Note, this is a two sided card that points to a resource.  One side speaks to Home Search, the other to Market Statistics.  These card answer the exact question asked, without the “Here is my card, call me.. stigma.  They are a resource, a conversation promoter, THEY ARE HELPFUL…  (see example below)

How’s the market? Well in Orange County sales are off by 6%, but appear to be trending up.  Here, if you really want to know, go check out this site.  It has all the stats and is updated every three days.  Tell you what, if you have any questions, just let me know..  Now, tell me what kind of dogs you raise again?

If you want to be a great conversationalist, you have to be interested.  Place this card, and move on to conversation about them..