Benefits of Custom Social Media Skins for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Remember the two important components to internet marketing? Traffic and Conversion

Websites are great at conversion, but driving traffic is a challenge. Social media is the opposite — a great way to drive traffic, but lacks conversion tools. A social media branding package bridges the gap between those two components to increase lead generation. You may also attend an instructor lead license training to develop or enhance your skills as a real estate agent.

Facebook Page

Your custom designed Facebook Page is built to increase your following on the world’s most popular social networking website AND (most importantly) help you convert contacts into clients. We integrate your strongest value incentives (like advanced home searches and instant market updates) in ways that engage your visitors and create raving fans. The focus of every Virtual Results custom Facebook page is to capture contact information and drive traffic back to your website.

Our graphic designers will align your Facebook page with the branding of your website and create a Facebook experience for you that is both aesthetic and functional. You can also click this social zinger link to buy facebook likes and increase your reach.

YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. A custom YouTube channel ensures that your brand and contact infromation remains front and center throughout the entire viewing experience of potential clients who discover and watch your videos.

Twitter Background

We’ll make sure to match your Twitter background to your website so as to give you a unified presence online no matter where someone may find you. Again, this ensures that your branding and contact information are prominent for those who land on your Twitter profile.

Posterous Skin

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone that saw your content on all your various social media outlets was one click away from somewhere you could convert them? Of course it would be!

Enter Posterous, which is useful for two primary reasons.

  1. Posterous simplifies social media by enabling you to control the social media posting process entirely from your inbox – no apps required.
  2. Conversion. Websites are great at conversion, but attracting traffic is hard. Social media is just the opposite — it’s easy to drive traffic via social media, but conversion is hard. A custom posterous skin aims to bridge that gap by bringing your social media traffic to a place that contains conversion tools.

Two example skins are Ines’ Miamism posterous skin and the Doug Heddings’ TrueGotham skin. You’ll notice that the posterous skins look just like their respective websites with all the appropriate calls to action to convert traffic to leads. So whenever someone sees a photo, status update, link, etc on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, or any other social media channel and clicks through to the source – they land on a page WITH conversion tools built in.

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