Halloween Home Safety Tips

By Virtual Results on October 05, 2021

Halloween Home Safety Tips

While we all love a good scare on Halloween, it’s no fun if someone actually gets hurt. Crime rates and insurance claims tend to be higher on Halloween than on any other day of the year. That means it’s more important than ever to make safety a priority on Fright Night. Here are our best tips for making sure your home is safe on Halloween.

Keep pets away

If you’re planning to have guests over for Halloween or you’ll be handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, then you should make sure your pets are kept in a closed room. While your dog may be the friendliest on the block, Halloween can be a confusing and scary time. Some dogs will be disoriented by all the noise, and people in costumes can be scary. In order to keep everyone safe from a dog bite, keep yours away from the action.

Turn off alarm

While this is not something we’d recommend any other day of the year, we do advise you to turn off your home alarm system if you’ll be handing out candy. You will be opening and closing your door many times, and turning off your system will prevent a false alarm. That way, emergency services won’t need to waste time responding to them.

Don’t use real flames

Nothing says Halloween like creepy jack o’ lanterns on your front porch. But don’t use real candles inside those pumpkins. Small children in costumes are more likely to trip and fall, and if a real candle gets knocked over it could cause a fire. Instead, opt for battery-operated candles. Many of them look just like the real thing.

Turn on the lights

While creating a creepy atmosphere is one of the fun aspects of Halloween, you need to make sure that your guests and trick-or-treaters can see. Turn on outside lights to help prevent trips and falls. You can always swap out a white light for a spooky color like green or red. You can also decorate with lighted displays that will add to your spooky environment.

Sweep up leaves

Dead leaves and Halloween go hand-in-hand. And while piles of dead leaves add another level of spookiness to the holiday, they can also be a hazard. Before guests arrive, sweep your walkways and driveways so they are clear of debris. This will help prevent unnecessary accidents.

Park in the garage

If you have a garage that accommodates a vehicle, then use it on Halloween. Cars are more likely to be vandalized on Halloween. Keep yours safe by keeping it in a locked garage. You can browse the wild selection of auto paint here if you need to paint your car! If your garage door is broken, visit site here to get it repaired. If you don’t have a garage, then try to park your car in an area with low traffic. Keep the doors locked and the alarm system on. You may get expert help from a professional locksmith if you need to replace your residential or commercial locks. Contact a professional locksmith if you want to have vingcard hotel locks system installed.

Practice social distancing

It’s hard to believe this is the second Halloween where we’re still battling the pandemic. While restrictions have eased in many communities, it’s still important to practice basic safety measures. This includes only passing out wrapped treats and keeping a safe distance from anyone who visits your home. It’s better to err on the side of caution this year to keep your friends and family safe.

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