Associates pages contain bios and photos for all of your team members.

Your bio page is created as part setup process, but it is up to you to add your bio text to the page. All associates pages can be accessed via your “associates” section of your dashboard. The “About Agent Name” module on the bottom right of your sidebar is connected to your “associate” page during the setup process. When you add your photo to your page, you’ll want to make sure you select the “use as featured image” option during the photo upload process – this will ensure that the photo is used in the “about agent name” module on the lower right of your website. If you want to change the short bio that appears on your home page, you can edit the “Short Summary/Excerpt” from within the Custom Associate Information module of a particular associate page.

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If you have a team and want to create more bio pages for team members, simply click “add Enter your name full bio and photo, and the featured image powers the “About” module at the bottom of the right sidebar of your site.

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The other social media & contact fields were placed in the custom post type so as to give us increased flexibility down the road as we build out our themes, but are not currently being used. Please do fill them out when you have time.

For those with teams, you can ask us to add an “Our Team” link to your navigation bar. Or you can add it yourself by clicking appearance > menus on your left navigation menu in your dashboard and then finding the “associates” page and clicking “add to menu”. Here is a screenshot showing where to find the pages.

Questions? Ask them in the Virtual Results portion of the Geek Estate Pro forums!