If you are big into videos, and want a separate landing page on your site for videos, you can use the videos portion of your dashboard to embed videos and have them only show up on your “videos” landing page (  “Videos” will NOT show up in your main feed of blog posts. If you want videos to show up in your main feed, just embed them into regular blog posts (or link to them from within blog posts).

We recommend only utilizing the videos component of your dashboard if you are generating videos on a consistent basis and/or want a dedicated place on your site for people to go.

If you’d like to add a “Videos” landing page to your site, you can use the menu settings (under appearance) to add the “Videos” page to your mainnav.

Some themes we add to our platform down the road will utilize video more heavily.

Questions? Ask them in the Virtual Results portion of the Geek Estate Pro forums!