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A sincere congratulations for the (obviously) thoughtful work and progress you have already made in online real estate marketing! You already know online success requires hard work behind the scenes – creating traffic, generating leads and converting leads to appointments and sales.

You have taken an important step toward online marketing success. Now the time is right for bold action toward real estate dominance in your market. As you know, Virtual Results is a turnkey Real Estate Online Marketing Company without equal. In addition to award-winning websites, we design and implement comprehensive Online Marketing Strategies aimed at helping you win incremental sales from your online efforts. Our expertise enables you to focus on your highest and best use – selling real estate! If you are interested in good real estate marketing, find everything you need to know about what is IDX on the showcase idx blog.

If you are ready to take your Internet Marketing to the next level, here is our proposal.

Your Online Marketing Strategy

Exclusivity: Virtual Results Consulting Clients enjoy guaranteed exclusivity in your keyword market. As long as you remain with Virtual Results, we guarantee that you will be our sole focus in your keyword market. You win.

Content Creation/Blogging: Virtual Results creates client-centric Google targeted UNIQUE custom content featuring you and your community. Each post is written for you and unique to your blog only. We post and syndicate this unique content twice a week.

Set up and Training for CRM: Our complete Real Estate CRM solution manages ALL of your leads from any Internet source – your Website, Craigslist, Trulia, Zillow – everything. RFCRM handles all your lead routing, Email Campaigns, Auto Responder campaigns and more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO/SEM): Keyword research to competitor analysis to aggressive link building campaigns to Article/Video/Social Media Marketing – our manual SEO auditing services are designed for rapid, lasting SEO success. This is the single most important key to your Internet Marketing success.

Traffic Attraction: Our Craigslist advertising is powerful, constant and requires nothing from you. We create and post ads regularly.

Social Media Marketing: Enjoy professional setup and upgrade of Facebook and Twitter themes, complete website integration, automatic updates promoting your listings, open houses and your website. Additional profiles configured and integrated on Active Rain, Trulia, Zillow and more.

Local Search Optimized: Google Places / Google Maps setup, confirmation and integration. Listings added to top 20 local directories guarantee high visibility where it matters most.

Paid Advertising Management: Interested in paid online advertising? You’ve come to the right spot. Our expertise includes Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Trulia Ads, Zillow ads, ads and most others.

Cloud Marketing Consulting: We are continually testing and evaluating ad and lead generation opportunities from, Zillow, Trulia and more. We will fine tune your efforts to help you spend your marketing budget wisely. No trial and error for you (we do that on our dime)! You spend less for greater results.

Online Tracking and Google Analytics: Our comprehensive tracking solution includes traffic sources, keywords, time on site, visitor geography, and new vs. returning visitors. We analyze our effort monthly and adjust our strategy to ensure that we stay ahead of the competition and on track.

Private Teleconferences with Online Marketing Pro Jim Marks: This is your direct and private line to one of the top online real estate marketers in the nation. These monthly calls are designed for analysis,
education and strategy. We help you understand what is and is not working, based on our work with agents across the country.

Reporting: You will receive Monthly reports so you know exactly what we are doing to create a dominant Internet presence for you and how our efforts are working. There is NO long-term contract. If we don’t perform, please, by all means, fire us!

The Bleeding Edge! Virtual Results is constantly searching, researching and testing new (and old) Internet Marketing strategies. Dozens of new strategies and tactics are constantly undergoing testing on our own test sites. Being a Virtual Results client means you are ALWAYS on the cutting edge, and will remain the leader in your market.

Hire Virtual Results as your total Internet Marketing Department now!

“I’m incredibly excited. When can we start?” ….Immediately. At this moment, our team is standing by to launch your marketing campaign. We know our effectiveness depends on rapid results, followed by long-term success. So there is simply no time to lose. I hope you are as excited as we are. Now let’s get started on burying your competition and skyrocketing your online success!

To your success,

Jim Marks & Team

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