How Geeky are you? WordPress SWAG store opens…. (I am so in…)

By Jim Marks on December 02, 2010

It took several years of requests and patience, and it’s finally here. Welcome to the new WordPress Swag Store.

Now, WordPress logoed t-shirts, hoodies, iPhone skins, jackets, sports bottles, and even baby onesies and t-shirts can be yours for very modest prices, considering their speciality.

Once only available at WordCamp and WordPress-related events, you can walk around town with your WordPress swathed self looking oh, so, WordPressy cool!

WordPress MugPersonally, my favorite is the WordPress Bistro Mug. I wrote about it in I Love My WordPress Mug, given to me right after they first came out. I’d been nagging Matt and Maya about slapping the logo on a mug to spread WordPress cheer in appropriate places like offices to add some subliminal messaging to the constant pleas of workers to get their companies to embrace WordPress. I arrived at my little trailer in the woods to find a small box and the answers to my wishes within. I couldn’t wait to show it off!

The mug is only USD $10, reasonable as are most of the prices.

The profits generated from the new store will offset the costs associated with shipping WordPress swag to WordCamps, an expense long absorbed into the budget of WordPress.

Don’t wait until the next WordPress event. Go get your WordPress swag now and show the world you are a proud WordPresser.

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