Virtual Results Clients – Introducing Virtual Results PubSub!

By Virtual Results on February 01, 2012

At  Virtual Results, LLC, we are constantly pushing the technology envelope, striving to create a level of function and service that WOWs our clients… on a regular basis.

Well, we’ve done it again.

We understand that your TWO major challenges are LEADS and TIME.   We have created something that will make a difference in your life by freeing up TIME for you to engage clients.  Oh, and we are giving it to you FOR FREE.

Starting today, you can subscribe to be a part of the new Virtual Results PubSub Network. “VRPubSub” is our innovative blogging syndication service delivering extremely high quality real estate blog posts to your website twice weekly, AUTOMATICALLY.

Once subscribed, you will have the opportunity to not only get fantastic content for your website (with YOU as the author), but you can also edit, link, and share the posts as you like.  This is NOT just more regurgitated content.  Every VRPubSub blog post is written by our top Virtual Results’ real estate blogger, a professional journalist with over 20 years national writing experience, ensuring you the quality that your clients  appreciate and WANT in their inbox.

All you need to do is choose WHAT delivery method you would like.  You have 3 choices.

1) The automatic option, which will automagically just post the VR post to your blog.  No Muss, No Fuss and you get to choose who the author is.

2) The draft option, which places the post in draft mode so you can edit it, make it YOURS, and manually publish it to your blog.

3) The “I dont need no stinking blog posts” option which allows you to turn off posting completely, although why you would choose this is beyond us.

However in the interest of vacations, (wouldn’t you prefer auto posting while you were away) or a need for less readership (you are overwhelmed by positive comments on your blog), we needed to give you that choice.

If you would like to receive your posts in Draft Mode, you dont have to do anything.  We have you handled.

However, If you would like NOT to receive posts OR Receive them Automagically?  Its just 3 easy steps..

So, look for the notification emails that signify we have sent a new post..  and watch your VR Blog grow!