Make Your Home More Luxurious

By Virtual Results on April 16, 2018

Make Your Home More LuxuriousDo you want to make your home look like a million bucks without spending a fortune? You can, with a little bit of creativity and know-how. Here are the best tips we’ve gathered from designers and stylists to make your home look more luxurious on a budget.

Banish clutter

The first step to making your home look more luxurious won’t cost you a dime. In fact, you might even make a little money off the challenge. By de-cluttering your home, you’re drawing attention to your favorite pieces and allowing space for your eyes to rest. You can re-organize your decorations to fit a theme in each room, which will also add a layer of luxury.

Add crown molding

What is it about crown molding that makes a room look more sophisticated? It’s the finishing touch that adds architectural interest to any room. It signals sophistication and elegance, yet can be installed very inexpensively. Even a simple style of crown molding will elevate any room and make it look more upscale.

Install ceiling medallions

Along with crown molding, ceiling medallions add a touch of class to a room. These decorative additions were common in Victorian homes to draw attention to light fixtures. While price points vary, you can find a beautiful medallion that is easy to install for $20 or less.

Decorate with plants and flowers

A simple way to add some life to any room is with plants and fresh flowers. In fact, any kind of natural element will elevate a room, including a bowl of fruit, a vase of twigs or even a bowl of acorns. For a few dollars, a bouquet of fresh, colorful flowers pack a powerful punch and make everything look more expensive. The best way to pull off the look is to either have a very full vase, or a single, elegant stem. Avoid sparse bouquets that don’t quite fill the vase you’re using.

Update lighting

Nothing kills a good vibe faster than terrible lighting. If you’re relying on overhead lights, it’s time to switch it up a little. Floor and table lamps arranged around the room create a nice, flattering ambience. For overhead lights, choose fixtures that add a decorative touch and install dimmers on light switches so the light doesn’t overpower the room.

Choose large-scale art

Luxurious rooms have a focal point, and this can easily be achieved by having a piece of large-scale art. Whether it’s a large canvas or a sculptural piece, a sizable piece of art will create a wow factor in your room that simply can’t be duplicated with several smaller pieces. Look for a Canvas Retailer that has various options.

Coordinate finishes

If you really want to create a pulled-together look, then coordinate all the finishes in a room. This works especially well in a bathroom or kitchen and can make a room much more luxurious for just a little bit of cash. Replace hardware, faucets and other accessories with coordinating finishes that will make your room look both polished and luxurious.

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