Selling a Home with a Pool

By Virtual Results on June 07, 2021

Selling a Home with a PoolWho doesn’t love to take a cool dip in a backyard pool on a hot day? Selling a home with a pool, especially during the summer, can attract many buyers ready for a break from the heat. Your pool can be the centerpiece of your backyard oasis, provided it’s in working order and visually appealing. On the other hand, a neglected pool can work against your home sale, as some buyers will see it as a liability. If you’re selling a home with a pool, then here’s what you need to know to make the most of this family-favorite feature.

Sell during pool season

The best time to sell a home with a pool is during pool season. In some areas, pool season is year-round making fiberglass pools very popular in homeowners. In others, prime pool season is during the summer months. Knowing when most people would make use of the pool and selling it during that timeframe can help to maximize its appeal to potential buyers. Make sure to contact Soakwell installation Perth professionals for a new water tank at your property.

Keep it pristine

It should go without saying that you need to keep your pool pristine while it’s on the market. Nobody wants to swim in a dirty pool, let alone one with green water. As you’re getting your home ready to sell, pay special attention to the pool and conduct a thorough pool inspection. Make sure all the equipment is working properly and check that the water is balanced. Vacuum the pool and skim the water frequently. Fix cracks in the cement as well as any leaks. And if you’ve recently upgraded any of your pool’s equipment, that can be a great selling feature!

Install safety features

Families with young children will want to know that the pool is safe. In many municipalities, there are strict rules regarding the safety features needed for a backyard pool. This often includes a barrier that separates the house and yard from the pool or a fence that completely encloses the pool. Know what the laws are in your area and make sure your pool follows them all.

For professional fence installation services that can help you create a secure and child-friendly pool environment, check out this site.

Highlight the pool’s features

Does your pool have some awesome features? Then brag about them! All those little extras can be great selling points for your pool and your home. These could include waterfalls, fountains, slides, built-in hot tubs, cabanas, pool houses, outdoor showers, dining areas, or heaters for which you may need want to read this article about what size water heater do I need. Pools are great places to entertain, and if you’ve got features that would be great for a party, let buyers know.

Stage it like an oasis

Finally, when selling a home with a pool it’s essential that you stage it like a private oasis. Most people aren’t just buying the pool — they’re buying the lifestyle associated with having a pool. This means creating an environment that makes the pool attractive. Upgrade your landscaping or add potted plants around the perimeter. Have comfortable seating available like recliners with outdoor cushions. Does the pool get a good amount of sun? Then add an umbrella for some shade. Keep all your pool maintenance tools and toys stored away during a showing. Ask a pool service to inspect your pool before selling. What’s most important is that potential buyers can envision themselves relaxing and enjoying the pool on the day they take ownership of the house.

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