VR Websites-Tagging.. (or How to be found on Search Engines)

Tagging your blog post is simply the process of adding “keywords” to let the Search Engines know what your post is about…

Simply take a look at the content of your post and ask the question, “what keywords would someone looking for the THIS blog post search for…”  You may also want to enter some “blog-wide” keywords, such as your city name, or “real estate…”

Tagging is quite easy…  Once you have your keywords or tags chosen…  follow these instructions…

Tagging Your Blog Post
1. On the Add New Post page you will be able to enter tags in the Tags (Simple Tags) box to the right of the Title box.
2. Here you will be able to enter simple tags such as a street name, neighborhood name, house features, event name, fair name, a person’s or business’s name, etc.
3. When you enter the tags, separate them out with a comma.  This does not need to be in sentence form, just enter words separated by commas.
a. Example:  Maple Street, Farmers Market, Laguna Beach, Friday
4. When you are finished adding tags, finish the rest of your post and click “Publish” to publish it to your website.ts

Thats Blogging!! Now its time to Master your IDX!