VR Listing Site Posting Instructions

1. Log into the Control Panel:
2. Create Your Listing Post:
a. From the side menu bar, top,  Select Posts >> Add New >>
b. Write your post title (property address, city (example:  23 Lagunita, Laguna Beach)
c. Just above the content box, on the far right, choose the “Visual” Tab.
d. Write or cut and paste property description.
i.NOTE: If you are cutting and pasting from any word editor (MSWord, etc) use the cut and paste tool. This is the small button on the second row of editor buttons that has a small “T” on it.  If you do not see two rows of editor buttons, you will need to select “the kitchen sink” button from the top row… it is usually the second from the right, and looks like a small palette of buttons…

3. Just below, locate the box  “Single Post Template” and from the dropdown Select “Property Listing”

4. Under “Property  Details” enter:
a.    Listing Price, be sure to include the “$” (dollar sign)
b.    Enter MLS, Address, City, State & Zip.
c.    Enter square feet
d.    Bedrooms
e.    Bathrooms

5. Property Photos: Now you will need to open a new tab and log on to Flickr.
a.  Choose an image that you want to use as the main image on the home page (slide show if desired) , and click once on it.
b. Select “Actions”. (just above the image)
c. Scroll down to “View All Sized”
d. Select the largest size photo
e. Right Click on the photo, and choose View Image
f. Copy the URL (Control C)
g. Paste the URL in “Listing Photo”

Now go back to FLickr, and select the “Set” for the property you are uploading. (Select “You”, then “Set” you will find the “Set” below “You”)
a.  Once you have selected the set, you will need to grab the string of numbers at the end of the URL in your browers.
i.e. http://www.flickr.com/photos/robjenson/sets/72157624126015685/
b.  Copy this string of numbers, and go back to your website.
c. Paste the string of numbers in the “Photo Album” box.

6. Excerpt: Ignore this section, No Excerpt Needed.

7. Send Trackback-Ignore this section, Not needed.

8.  Post Author:
Select the Listing Agent from the drop down.
Scroll back to the top of the page and locate the Category section located in the RIGHT SIDEBAR.  Click the appropriate Categories.  IMPORTANT:  Always select FEATURED LISTINGS.  If you would like this listing in the Slide Show on the home page select SHOWCASE.
Publish Listing
Scroll to the top of the page and choose the publish button.  You will find this at the top of the RIGHT SIDEBAR