VR Website Guide-Altos Research

One of the questions most asked of Realtors is a variation on, “How’s the Market?”  It may be  “Is this the right time to buy a house?” or “Are prices going up or down?,” but if you are a Realtor, you will be asked, “So how can we use this to our advantage?”

Virtual Results and Altos Research partner up to offer your prospects best-of breed market analytics, graphing and reports, online and at your finger tips.

All Virtual Results website have EMBEDED market graphs for all your areas on the site that are updated AUTOMATICALLY every two or three days, so your readers can access them at anytime.

In addition, your VR website gives your readers the ability to subscribe to weekly reports delivered to their email box automatically.  Neither your Reader, NOR YOU, have to do anything to facilitate these reports.  Leave it to us, it will go each and every week, or month.  You simply get notified of the subscription with the contact number and email address.

Have a prospect on the phone who would like additional information?  Log into your Altos Research account and create custom charts for your prospect, attach them to an email, and send them off, immediately.

To do this you need to log in to your Altos Research page and click on “My Xplorer” on the left side of the page.  Then you will need to select a location.  Scroll down the list and select a location of your choosing.  Then click the down arrow next to the location and choose one zip code within that location or click on “All Zip Codes.”  Next click the “+Add” button to the right.  Once you have done that go to the “”Choose Your Statistics” button above and click on it.  Here you can choose all information you want included with this chart.  After you are finished, click on the “Set Chart Options” button and select or deselect boxes in order to decide how you want your chart to appear.  Once you have finished all of this, click the “View Chart” button and your chart will be created for you.

To embed this video into a blog posting, click on the “Copy Chart URL” button below the chart.  This will store the URL for you to go into your blog, make a space for the URL where you want the chart to appear within the blog, right click your mouse on that spot, and choose “Paste.”  Your chart URL will appear and when you post this blog the chart will appear.  Or paste the URL into an e-mail and the recipient of your e-mail will be able to click on the URL to view the chart.

Headed for a Listing Presentaion?  Print out an 8-10 page in depth Market Update Report and bring it with you, or send it ahead as a PDF!

So how do I do these things? Well, we have that covered too.  The following links are narrated walk-throughs which will walk you through started with your Personalized Market Reports and Altos Research account.

Each video walk-through below is no more than five (5) minutes in length, so you can get lots of great information and tips in a short period of time. Grab a cup of coffee and check ’em out!

Getting Started – Accessing your Personalized Market Reports:

http://www.screencast.com/users/scottsa … 4e9244ad5c

The “Executive Summary” Report:

http://www.screencast.com/users/scottsa … 08fa025ba2

The “Market Update” Report:

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Other Tips and Applications As You Get Started:

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