Don’t Know How to Do Something in WordPress? We’ve got Video Tutorials for That

By Drew Meyers on November 21, 2011

For those Virtual Results clients who have already used WordPress for a few years, our web sites are EXTREMELY intuitive. But for those who have no prior exposure to WordPress, there is certainly a learning curve involved to learn the ins and outs of WordPress — and we’re constantly working on ways to help improve the learning process. Starting today, whether you are a WordPress master or novice, you now have a full array of video tutorials that explain everyday tasks such as changing your password, adding new pages, pasting from Word, replacing an image, managing widgets and adding paragraphs. From the Dashboard of your site, just click on “Video Tutorials” in the upper left corner — and you’ll see the full list of available video tutorials.

Video Tutorials 2039 Lori Bee 2014 WordPress
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With that, watch some videos and master WordPress!

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