Apple Watch and other Smart New Home Products

By Virtual Results on September 12, 2014

Apple Watch and other Smart New Home ProductsNot just relegated to the workspace or entertainment, home technology products focus on every room in your house. Check out these smart-home products geared to make your life easier:

Apple Watch useful apps for home

The ios app developers have created innovative applications for Apple’s smartwatch, expanding its functionality beyond social media, maps, and schedules. Honeywell developed an app allowing users to control home temperature from the wrist, rivaling Android Wear’s integration with Nest thermostat. Lutron designed an app for effortless light control through the Apple watch. For BMW electric vehicle owners, iOS apps enable monitoring charge levels and locating parked vehicles. Public transportation users benefit from the City Mapper app, offering timely updates and accurate stop information. iOS app developers have transformed the Apple watch into a powerful tool, enhancing daily life experiences.

Next-generation cooling

Technology company Quirky joined forces with GE to make a smarter air conditioning system. Called Aros, the wall unit connects to a smartphone app allowing you to set the temperature in anticipation of your arrival home. Using information from your schedule, budget, location and current usage, it learns your preferred temperature and devises economical ways to keep your home there. It evens learns the temperature you appreciate most upon waking.

An innovative air-flow design pushes cool air up, increasing circulation and it’s three fan speeds, flatter design and sleek LED display add to its discreet designer appearance.

Home safety

Canary wireless home security packs a complete system into one small device designed to adapt to your home and activities over time and use. It sends notifications and HD video to your smartphone and monitors activity, noise levels, air quality and temperature and even humidity. When something is out of the ordinary, it lets you know. Best of all, it doesn’t require installation. Simply set the device in a central area of your home.

Easy entry

German company KISI Systems offers a keyless entry solution for homes or offices with revocable access. If you travel and have house-sitters or a neighbor that comes in to water your plants, or you use pet-walking or cleaning services when you’re at work or away from the house, or just want more control of who enters your home, this device is for you.

The KISI system allows you to limit entry during certain hours or certain days with the click of a smartphone app. You can track activity and know who comes and goes, and when they were there. The KISI key is linked to their specific phone and you can instantly delete or cancel it remotely it if they lose their phone or you want to restrict access.

Upgrade your home

We can help you upgrade your home just in time for the 2015 release of the Apple watch. We’ll search for the perfect home for you while developers are busy creating the apps that will run your new house more efficiently and other technology giants advance more products for home use.

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