Do you really need a website? (and why do you have one..)

By Jim Marks on August 02, 2008

ME:   “If you had a website”,  (or more commonly) “If I write you a new site” (or most recently…a lot) If I completely redesigned your crappy Advanced Access (insert ANY template website company name here…)  site, what would you do with it..  WHY DO YOU WANT A NEW WEBSITE..

Realtor:  “Because EVERYONE has a website…” or

Realtor: “Because my clients (I expect this means “prospects) expect me too… Number three? or

Realtor: “To get Leads..”

Believe it or not, this is a legitimate question I ask Realtors all the time.

However I rarely get the real answer.  The real answer is squirreled away and has to be carefully coaxed out…  the REAL ANSWER is often “So I can bury myself in front of my computer and wait for leads to rush in, so I dont have to do all the HARD stuff that really creates business, like Up-desk, OR DOOR KNOCKING!!  or cold calling, or going to community meetings and approaching strangers or DOING SALES!!

As an Internet Marketing Constultant , the strangest look I get is still when I tell Realtors “You know, you dont really need a website.” Why would I say this? Because you would be shocked how often I get this question…

“I don’t do anything with my website, and I am really busy, and I make plenty of money…really. But I think I need a website… DO I?? ”

NO, you need a vacation. If you ARENT really busy, if you DON’T make plenty of money, and if you have time to grow an Internet presence…carefully and methodically, you need a website.

If you are doing ALL the aforementioned stuff, and would like incremental business from a slightly different (cooler?) demographic, you need a website.  If you have the time and energy to educate yourself just enough to understand how the web works and your place within it, you need a website. And if you are TRULY INTERESTED in Real Estate and want to touch more people in a day, then you currently do in a year…  yes, you need a website… The good news is, even if you lack prior experience, AI website builder now make it accessible for anyone to create their website.