Welcome Home our Wayward Son, Drew Meyers

By Jim Marks on November 24, 2010

drewWhen I left Corporate America, and the ragged life of a Internet Retailer Around Consultant to live the dream of owning my own business, I didn’t pine for big dollars, huge offices and tons of staff. I wanted Virtual Results to quickly accomplish one thing.

I wanted VR to be able to hire the best. I selfishly wanted to be able to work with ONLY who I wanted to work with. I have been fortunate to be able to do just that. VR is my dream team, and this week it got DEMONSTRABLY better.

Our wayward son has come home.

I knew I wanted to work with Drew Meyers the day I met him. Smart, Honest, Hardworking and FUN, Drew loves life, people, travel and technology. We have a ton in common.

Today, after a 6 month “trial run’” where Drew did some consulting for Virtual Results while traveling the world.. Drew Meyers signs on full time and takes a key role at the helm of Virtual Results.

I am elated for this announcement. Drew is going to take on a LOT of Responsibility at VR. We have a whole new product line, soon to be released and Drew will be charged with running this side of the business. I am confident, he is up to the task and great things are imminent.

Drew, Welcome to Virtual Results. We have been waiting for you.