WordPress Q&A: Tags Vs Categories

By Drew Meyers on April 22, 2011

We receive a wide variety of WordPress questions over and over from our clients, so I’m going to start addressing them here. This morning I received the following question:

What is the difference between a category and a tag on my wordpress site?

I don’t personally use tags when I write blog posts because it’s essentially just another form of categories to organize the content on your website for your readers. Using one category (or a couple) works just fine for me. Here is a great video by Matt Cutts at Google (he KIND OF knows what he’s talking about) addressing this question as well:

Additionally, I’ve added a page to our Help Center titled “WordPress Questions, Answers, Videos, and Resources” so that our clients have one easy place to find all these questions, answers, videos, and resources from external sources.

What other WordPress questions do you have?