VR Sales Q&A (Predesigned and Custom): Traffic Acquisition

By Drew Meyers on February 01, 2011

Our next edition of VR Sales Q&A is the question of traffic acquisition. In other words, once a website is setup, how do you get traffic to it? Even if you have the best converting website on the planet, you still need traffic to convert to leads and clients. When speaking to agents, I generally tell them traffic acquisition breaks down into three primary areas:

1) Organic SEO traffic – The best approach to attracting organic SEO traffic is to pump out lots and lots (and lots) of unique content over an extended period of time, and do a good job of cross linking internally between blog posts and landing pages. And simultaneously build a number of backlinks to your domain. Great content will naturally attract links from other bloggers, but networking with other bloggers is a great way to build links over the long run. This is a long term strategy; if you stick with this strategy for an extended period of time, it will pay off — but do not expect to start blogging tomorrow and generating significant traffic (and leads) in the first few months. You can pay for SEO Perth services if you want to speed up the process.

2) Paid traffic (via Google Adwords or other methods) – If you have a website that converts traffic to leads at a high enough percentage, you can make a living from paid traffic. There are numerous sources of paid traffic, the most common being Google Adwords campaigns.

3) Market your site offline – bring your existing offline sphere online to your website, and engage them with market reports, home search, and community news and information. Put your URL on your business cards, letterhead, your email signature, and everywhere else!

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