VR-Websites, Choose the right Category for your Post

Virtual Results uses the category field to allow you to tell your Website what type of post it is, and where on the page to place it…

Categories on all Virtual Results sites are different, but they will always be named the same as the heading of the section on the site..  For example, if you want to place the post in your “breaking news” section, or perhaps “testimonials.”  Simply use the instructions below to place it appropriately.

Categories are virtual place holders.  This means that you may place a post in as many categories or places as you wish…

Categorizing Your Blog Post

1. On the lower right side of the page you will see a Category box with a list of words next to check boxes.
2. Here you can click on the boxes to use the categories already provided for you.
3.  You can also click “+Add New Category” to add and create more specific categories for your posts.
4. When you click this, another small section will appear below the Category box.
5. Here you can type in the new category you want to use and then use the click down menu to make the new category you just created a Parent Category (meaning it will be it’s own category) or you can make it s subcategory of one of the other categories listed.
6. When you are finished click “Add” and this category will already be checked off for you.
7. Check the box next to each category you want to use, however you do not want to list too many categories.  A few will do.
8. When you are finished, complete your post and click “Publish” to publish it to your website.

Now Lets learn a bit about “Tagging…”