Finding a Family-Friendly Neighborhood

By Virtual Results on July 31, 2019

Finding a Family-Friendly Neighborhood

If you’re looking for a new nest for your family, then you may be feeling a little pressure. On top of finding a home that meets your needs, you also need to choose a location that is both safe and meets the social and educational needs of your kids. But how do you know if your new neighborhood is family friendly? Read on for some tips on how to find a great new neighborhood that everyone in your family will love.

If you are looking for a new school for your child your child’s strengths, interests and specific needs will be the best guides for making the right decision. You want to find a school in which your child can learn, grow, and develop their own potential. This all has to happen in a caring, safe environment that will meet much more than your child’s basic needs. Nowadays we have many option online as OpCentral, a learning management system you can access online.

Check out the local schools

Obviously, one of the first ways to find out if a neighborhood is family friendly is to check out the local schools. You can find a wealth of information on websites such as Here you can see what kind of classes are offered, the school’s test scores, parent and student living reviews, and more. You may also check if there are great student housing options in the area built and designed by student life architects.

Look for playgrounds and parks

Another way to determine if a neighborhood is good for families is to see how many playgrounds and parks are in the area. It’s especially helpful if those parks and playgrounds are within walking distance of the homes you are interested in. If you have the opportunity, then visit these places to see their condition and what types of activities they provide. Does the park seem busy? Remember, parks and playgrounds aren’t just great places for kids to enjoy. They are also a wonderful place for parents to meet other parents in the neighborhood.

See if there are kids playing outside

When you schedule appointments to visit possible homes, be sure to leave some extra time to check out the neighborhood. Notice if there are kids playing outside. If possible, visit at different times of the day, especially on weekends or after school.

Access to kid-friendly amenities

Find out what types of activities and programs are available to kids living in your neighborhood. Is there a Little League or other types of youth organizations like Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts? Does the library have story time every day? Does the local movie theater advertise matinee specials that feature kid-friendly films? Does the YMCA offer programs that are geared for kids of all ages? Does the local community center offer camps and other events in the summer that are appropriate for kids?

Research the crime rates

You know that your job as a parent is to keep your child safe. So you should definitely research the crime rates in a neighborhood before you make an offer on a home. Click here for a great round-up of websites that will provide you with specific crime rate information about the neighborhood you are moving to.

Talk to an agent

Finally, one of the best ways to find a family-friendly neighborhood is to talk with your real estate agent. Choosing an agent who is an expert in your market can help you narrow down your choices. Your agent can be an invaluable resource when it comes to schools and family-friendly amenities in your area. They can advise you where to look – and which neighborhoods to avoid. In the end, they can help you choose both the home and the neighborhood that will fit the needs of everyone in your family.

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