Halloween & Home Insurance

By Virtual Results on October 18, 2019

Halloween & Home Insurance

Although it’s fun to be scared on Halloween, it’s not so fun if something legitimately scary happens at your home. Halloween is the number one day for property crime in the United States. Is your homeowners insurance ready? You can compare home insurance rates at Money Expert.

Here’s a look at some of the most common reasons you may need to file an insurance claim after Halloween.


Young children are already prone to slipping and falling. On Halloween, when they’re excited and wearing a costume that may limit their field of vision, the chances that they’ll take a spill are even greater. If anyone does slip and fall on your property, they may hire a personal injury lawyer to seek compensation. An experienced personal injury attorney can help those who got injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. Fortunately, you will likely be covered by your liability insurance. That is, unless there is a significant hazard in your yard. Be sure to clean up all branches and leaves and have plenty of light so kids can see clearly. Otherwise, your claim could be denied.

Similarly, cruise ship accidents can occur due to various hazards, including slippery floors or rough seas. In case of a cruise ship accident, it’s crucial to visit the site and gather as much information as possible to support any potential claims for compensation.


Vandalism and Halloween go hand-in-hand. It’s a night for mischief, and it isn’t unusual for your home to be egged or your trees to be covered in toilet paper. But unless these pranks cause significant damage, it may not be worth it to file an insurance claim. The cost of repairs may not be enough to meet the deductible. Keep in mind that you may also need to file a police report if you want your claim to be paid. If your car is vandalized on Halloween, such as getting egged or having the windows broken, then those repairs would be covered by your auto insurance. Keep your car in the garage if possible on Halloween night.


Fires are another big concern on Halloween. With all those jack-o’-lanterns and creepy candles, it’s no wonder that fires are more common around this time of year. If your home suffers fire damage, it will most likely be covered by your homeowners insurance, and of course in case of fire is also important to have life insurance which you can also find in this Big Lou Insurance review online. This could include living expenses if you need to stay somewhere else while your home is being repaired. The best course of action is to not use open flames of any kind. Instead, use battery-operated candles in your pumpkins and decorations. You’ll find that most flameless candles on the market today look just like the real thing.

Dog bites

Even if your dog is the friendliest on the block, you never know how they will react on Halloween. With so many people coming to the door in costume, your dog’s behavior could be unpredictable. If your dog becomes frightened or confused, they could bite someone. Most dog bites will be covered by your homeowners insurance. However, be aware that certain dog breeds are sometimes excluded from coverage. Call your insurance agent if you have any questions about what may or may not be covered.

Damage to tombstones

Finally, you may be surprised to learn that cemetery plots are covered by your homeowners insurance. If the cemetery plot or headstone that you purchased is vandalized on Halloween, then it will be covered by your homeowners insurance. Typically, a homeowners insurance policy will cover up to $5,000 in damages.

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