Holiday Houseguest Checklist

By Virtual Results on November 11, 2016

Holiday Houseguest Checklist

‘Tis the season for out-of-town guests, whether they’re staying overnight or for an entire week. While you’re making preparations for all the upcoming festivities, don’t forget to prep the house for all these guests. Use this simple checklist to make sure your home is as welcoming and cozy as possible.

The Basics

When your guests arrive, make it easy for them to settle in by providing them with:

  • Your Wi-Fi network name and password.
  • A spare key if they will be coming and going at different times than you. Duplicate keys with the help of professional locksmith services. You may contact locksmith downtown miami. And if you need to change the locks, give Locksmith in Brampton a call.
  • Any special instructions, like alarm codes, what kind of treats they can give your dog, how to turn on and use the TV or other electronics, and whether or not one of your door locks is sticky and if they get locked out you can give the number to your local commercial locksmith for quick assistance and while you’re at it you can also consider keeping your car safe by getting a new key from a car locksmith.
  • Emergency contact numbers in case anything happens while you’re not there. This includes neighbors, family nearby or even your plumber.
  • A list of local activities they may enjoy.

The more basic information you can share with them, the less they’ll feel like they’re bothering you and the more they can relax and enjoy themselves.

The Guest Room

If your holiday plans include overnight guests, you’ll want to get the guest room into shape, especially if it doesn’t see much use. In addition to cleaning as usual, be sure to hit the following:

  • Put fresh sheets on the bed.
  • Set out extra blankets and pillows.
  • Make a spot for their luggage.
  • Clear some space in the closet/drawers for their items and add some empty hangers for clothes.

Do you want to turn the guest room into a retreat? Then include a small table and a reading light next to the bed. Set out a couple bottles of water and a small vase of fresh flowers. Put out a couple of books or some magazines for their enjoyment. Wondering whether or not your guest room is truly comfortable? Then spend one night in the room. You’ll see exactly what’s missing and how you can make it more functional and enjoyable for your guests.

The Guest Bath

Just like the guest room, the guest bath needs a thorough cleaning before guests arrive. Also make sure to:

  • Put out clean towels and washcloths.
  • Make space on countertops for their items.
  • Stock the bathroom with travel size items like shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, lotion and cotton swabs. Also consider having pain reliever and other first aid items like antacids handy in case anyone happens to overindulge.

The Kitchen

Make it easy for your guests to grab a snack or something to drink without them having to ask. Stock the kitchen with snack items, soft drinks and water that are easily accessible, and let them know they can help themselves. Show them how the coffee maker works and make some easy breakfast items, in case they’re early risers. This way, they don’t need to disturb you in the morning and you can sleep in without worrying about playing host.

While the holidays can be stressful, they can also be a wonderful time to connect with family and friends in a meaningful way. As a host, you can set the stage for relaxation by taking a little time beforehand to get your house ready for your loved ones’ arrival.

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