Last Minute Home Staging Tips

By Virtual Results on July 01, 2019

Last Minute Home Staging TipsYou’re ready to sell. You’ve de-cluttered, de-personalized, and made all the necessary repairs to your home. You’ve repainted and staged each room to appeal to potential buyers. But what do you do in the moments before a buyer is scheduled to show up? Here’s the rundown of all those little home-staging tasks you should address at the last minute.

Make your bed

No buyer wants to see an unmade bed. Before showing the house, make your bed. Better yet, make the bed first thing in the morning when you get up. Then you won’t have to worry about it later in the day.

Open the curtains

You want your home to have as much natural light as possible during the showing. Take a quick run through the house and make sure all the curtains, plantation shutters, and shades are open. If you still do not have shutters you can visit roller shutters Melbourne.

Turn on all the lights

In addition to opening all the curtains, make sure the lights are on in every room. This includes overhead lights as well as table and floor lamps.

Wipe down counters

Your kitchen counters and sink should be sparkling clean when buyers arrive. Take a moment to wipe down all these surfaces. Get in the habit of doing dishes the night before so you don’t have to worry about it in the morning.

Take out the garbage

Bad odors make bad first impressions. Make it a practice to take out your garbage every day when your home is on the market. And don’t smoke inside!

Check the bathrooms

Make sure all the bathrooms are tidy and the sinks and counters are wiped down. Close toilet seat lids. One way to make sure the bathrooms are always ready is to shower at night.

Check the pet areas

Pet odors can derail your home showing. Check your pet areas regularly to make sure they are clean and odor-free. Empty the kitty litter at least once a day and vacuum or sweep up pet hair. Keep disinfecting wipes handy to knock out pet odors.

Close closet doors

Yes, buyers will want to look inside your closets. But you should keep all closet doors closed. Even if your closet is clean and organized, it still creates visual clutter. Keeping the doors closed will help to ensure that the buyer has a positive first impression of the room.

Clean up toys

If you have children, then you’re going to need a system for dealing with their toys and games when you’re selling. Keep a basket handy to toss everything into in a hurry.

Tidy up outside

Check to make sure your porch or patio is neat and that the walkway is clear. Make sure coats and shoes are tidy next to the front and back doors.

Adjust the temperature

Check the thermostat and set to an optimal temperature – nothing too hot or too cold. You don’t want buyers rushing through your house because they are uncomfortable.

Stay prepared

When your home is on the market, you should start every day knowing that you could get a last-minute showing. Stay ahead of the game by being prepared. By keeping on top of the small tasks outlined above, you can save precious minutes when a buyer is on their way over. It’s also a great way to be less stressed during an already stressful process.

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