Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

By Virtual Results on February 26, 2019

Make a Small Bathroom Look BiggerDid you fall in love with your new home even though the bathroom was on the small side? Or are you preparing to stage your home for sale and you want to show the bathroom in the best possible light? There are many ways that you can make your small bathroom look and feel larger like putting glass wall panels. Here are the best tips we’ve found to maximize your bathroom without major renovations.

Choose light colors

When your bathroom is small, you want to bring in as much light as possible (check out our Bathroom Lighting Tips here). For this reason, it’s important to choose pale, light colors. Take it a step further by painting the walls and ceiling the same color and using the same color tiles on the floor. Using too many colors in a small room chops up the visual space. By painting everything the same color, the eyes can move around freely.

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Install a pedestal sink

If you have a large vanity in your small bathroom, then the room is going to feel cramped. Instead, opt for a pedestal sink or a wall-mounted sink that can be installed by plumbing services. Though you may lose some storage space under the sink, your room will feel much larger. Opt to store bathroom essentials in a nearby linen closet instead.

Reflect with mirrors

Do you have some extra wall space in your bathroom? Then why not install a mirror or two? Mirrors hung in the bathroom will help to reflect both light and space, making the room look and feel bigger.

Eliminate clutter

If there is any room in the house where you need to banish clutter, it’s in a small bathroom. Clutter – especially small items – will make the room feel small. Eliminate items crowded around the sink and limit how much art you hang on the walls, if any.

Remove bathmats

Instead of using a more rigid bathmat, choose one that can drape over the side of the tub or on a towel bar when not in use. The room will appear larger when there is no visual obstruction on the floor.

Raise the shower bar

You can use the same trick that you use on curtains around your house in your bathroom. Hang the shower bar at ceiling level. By doing so, it makes the eye travel up and makes the room feel taller, of course for your installation you can get a Professional plumber to help you with this. The same is true for window treatments if you have them. Hang them high and keep them simple and light

Choose open shelving

If you have shelf space in your bathroom, you can make the room seem bigger by removing cabinet doors. Display towels, soaps, and canisters in a pleasing way – they can be both decorative and functional.

Invest in luxurious finishes

Take your small bathroom to the next level by swapping out faucets, towel bars and lighting fixtures. Investing in shower remodels will make your bathroom feel serene and elegant.

Trade frosted glass for clear

Finally, if you have a shower door that’s made with frosted glass, consider changing it to clear glass. This will allow your eyes to travel around the room and make it feel bigger.

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