How to Reduce Stress During Your Move

By Virtual Results on June 04, 2017

How to Reduce Stress During Your Move

Is there anyone out there who actually likes moving? Yes, it can be fun to get settled into a new place – especially if you’re upgrading – but the process of getting there can be stressful. If you’ve got a big move coming up, here’s what you can do to make it as headache-free as possible.

Give yourself plenty of time

If you don’t find yourself faced with a sudden and unexpected move, give yourself plenty of time to take care of all the details. The more time you have, the less overall stress you’re going to feel. If possible, allow a solid three months to get everything ready for moving day.

Start gathering packing materials

Just when you think you have enough boxes, suddenly they’re all gone. Save yourself last-minute stress by gathering all your packing materials before you begin. Honestly, you can never have enough. Especially if you have many fragile items that do best packed in cushioning materials, which can take up space. You can purchase boxes at any number of stores, or ask friends and family if they have any to donate. You can also score boxes at local grocery stores, or find them on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Be sure to get enough packing peanuts, bubble wrap and packing tape while you’re at it, also you can get natural products to help you with the stress such as the best CBD carts that help in this area.

Get rid of clutter

Packing often takes longer than we imagine it will. So save yourself some of those precious hours and do a purge of your belongings before you begin. There’s no reason to bring with you items you no longer use. You can then sell, donate or throw away those items.

Have a plan

There are going to be many tasks ahead of you during a move, so make a plan. Keep a running list of tasks you need to accomplish and mark them off as they are completed. Have a strategy for how you will pack your boxes, to make them easier to unpack on the other end.

Block off time

Reduce stress by dedicating specific time to packing and preparing for the move. Block the time off on your calendar and keep it sacred.

Enlist help

Surely you have friends and family members who owe you favors, right? Now is the time to call them in. Ask friends and family to help with things like packing and running errands. Not only will it help relieve some of the burden on you, it will give you time to spend with those you love before you leave.

Pack a survival kit

Those first couple of days in your new home can be chaotic. Cut down on the chaos by packing a survival kit that includes everything you’ll need for the first day or two. This includes toiletries, water, snacks and phone chargers.

Take breaks

Moving is a big job, and it can feel like you don’t have time to take breaks. But treating yourself to some time off is essential to preserving your mental, emotional and physical health during a stressful time. Get enough rest, eat well and get out of the house every once in awhile for a walk or a movie. Take delta 8 gummies and edibles whenever you feel overwhelmed. You deserve it!

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