Sales Q&A: Why Buy A Custom Website that Works

By Jim Marks on May 20, 2011

Why a Custom? Because your market is custom. Because your prospects are custom. Because your sphere is custom. And because YOU are one of a kind.

Shouldn’t your website be?

Virtual Results custom sites exude your brand. They allow Virtual Results to express who you are and why you rock. You are successful for a reason. You need to tell the world why you are better, faster, smarter, bolder and unique.

Our custom websites are not 100% custom. They are BETTER than 100% custom. We work with you to learn your brand and combine it with our knowledge, based on MILLIONS of clicks, of what works…and what doesn’t.

You see… YOU are great at Real Estate (or you wouldn’t be hiring us) and we are great at creating websites that convert traffic to leads. When we combine your knowledge with ours? Bingo. WE ROCK. We each have a job in the process… YOUR JOB is to ensure we understand and create a website that reflects your brand. OUR JOB, is Internet Marketing… We will ensure that your wants and needs don’t break the conversion of our expertly designed architecture, mind map and Call to Actions.

You know the Real Estate Consumer and WE know the Internet Consumer. Perfect partnership. Nothing is left to chance. Each word, placement and page is thought out and tested…

Virtual Results custom websites are not cheap. But if your business has brought you to the point where you need to move to the next level and show your market you are the thought leader? Our custom websites are the perfect solution.

Ready to get started? We’re standing by…

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