Getting Started with Virtual Results

By Drew Meyers on December 06, 2010

As you can probably imagine, I’ve been quite busy at Virtual Results since I started full time a little over a week ago. We’ve got a number of killer sites slated to go live in the next month and, as Jim alluded to, we’re working on an entirely new product line that I’m overseeing and super excited about. It could just be me being the optimist that I am, but I think you will absolutely love the new pre designed websites we’re working on. In addition to working on that new product offering, I’ll be helping manage relationships with our existing clients. If you are a current Virtual Results client, expect an email from me sometime in the next week or so as I make my rounds and introduce myself.

If you’re interested in learning more about the BETA program we’ve got going right now for the new pre designed website product – shoot me an email at drew at virtualresults dot net and I’ll be happy to share further details with you. For those that don’t know Jim or me personally — you’ll have to trust me (or ask someone that knows us) that we care more about creating great real estate websites than anyone else in this industry; our primary goal is to create the best real estate websites on the web. Currently, our sites start at around $5k, but there is a real need for a quality website product in the sub $1,000 price level — and that’s what we’re focused on building.

Whether you’re a broker looking to revamp your own web presence with one that works, looking to offer your agents the best website product available, an agent looking to move to a WordPress platform, or an agent who wants a totally custom website built in 2011 — we’d love to speak with you.

Now, back to work.