#REBC Seattle Special: Donate $50 to Solid Ground and Receive $200 Off a Predesigned Website that Works

By Drew Meyers on March 02, 2011

Since Jim and I are both attending RE Bar Camp Seattle 2011 on Thursday at the Seattle Center, we’re running a “RE BarCamp Seattle special” on our new predesigned websites. For the next week (until March 9th), we’re offering $200 OFF ($699 regular price) when you sign up for a predesigned website that works. But there is a caveat: you have to donate $50 (or more) to Solid Ground (the charity being supported by RE BarCamp Seattle – DONATE HERE).

That means you get an awesome website that works for $499 + $50 donation to Solid Ground. So, net, you save yourself $150 off the standard $699 pricing. Pretty darn good deal if I do say so myself.

This is a win-win all the way around; you help raise money for a great cause, and you get $200 off an amazing WordPress website product at the same time! As I’ve said before, our focus at Virtual Results is to build the best real estate agent and broker sites anywhere on the web, and I think these are the best sites you’ll find under $2,000. I won’t go into all the ins and outs of the predesigned product offering since it’s already explained in detail here (and our FAQ here). I know most of you are visual, so here are a few example sites for you to look at:

So, are you badly in need of a new website? Want a real estate website that actually works and is professionally designed? We know numerous agents still have websites built 5 or 10 years ago with a huge agent photos and fancy flash pages that don’t work to satisfy today’s internet consumer looking for information. We also know from analytics that consumers don’t search the web for AGENTS; they are looking for homes for sale, market statistics, neighborhood information, mortgage rates, insights into their local market trends, and home values. We are offering an awesome website platform you can use to provide that information to consumers while taking advantage of the SEO friendly blogging capabilities of WordPress. Yes, we’re obviously biased, but 2011 IS THE YEAR you should move to WordPress.

Interested? Use the discount code “REBCSEA” in the embedded form below and hit apply discount to get the $200 off your invoice. You can email your Solid Ground donation receipt (donate online here) to drew at virtualresults dot net so we can verify and get your site up and running within a few days!!

[Formstack id=1038639 viewkey=a7QFL4nvtR]

And, it goes without saying, if you are at REBarCamp on Thursday (or at either of the Tweetups occurring on Wednesday evening before and Thursday evening after), Jim Marks and I would love to speak with you and answer whatever social media, website, or internet marketing questions might be lingering in the back of your minds.