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New Orleans – The National Association of REALTORS® – Annual Conference and Expo

By Jim Marks

Headed to NardiGras? I am SO trying to get there… (Not looking good…)

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Remember “the catch?” Check it out…

By Jim Marks

Me and my boy, Bowie… Cruzin’…. doggy style… Check it out…

By Jim Marks

Who are YOU working (Blogging) for…

By Jim Marks


roi1Who owns your Content…


What is the investment portion of the “return on investment” on your blog? It is not JUST dollars and cents..  If you are a blogger, who has decided that your blog is going to be a significant part of your marketing strategy, than the money you invested in it… 1, 3, 5 or 10K is insignificant compared to the TIME you have invested creating the content for it.  The money? Oh, it will come back.  A well-written blog site with proper Call to Actions will convert traffic like the wind…

But the TIME you have invested to write all that content is not ONLY an investment, but an asset.


Cover your ASSets…


How are you protecting THAT asset…  That’s right, more than ANY OTHER portion of your Internet marketing; your content is an asset, and this asset  will keep giving and giving and giving…  because Google LOVES aged content and aged LINKS to that content…  Often, our older content still gets more traffic over a long (90 day) period than our new content…


But who owns YOUR content…


Well, this depends on where you choose to host it?  If you are on blogging sites, such as, Blogger, Typepad , Squarespace, or Active Rain?  Well, THEY do..  These platforms actually get credit for the content and the traffic for YOUR hard work…  (the inbound links will be credited to the domain, and can be carried with you, IF you have a custom domain pointed at your blog.)  But if you don’t? For example on Active Rain?  You get no content credit for all that hard work…


So what do you do?


Export your content to a blog you OWN…

Each of these platforms have ways to export the content into your own WordPress Blog!  Make the investment or take the time to create a blog that you OWN…  ensure you can make changes, change hosts,  servers, etc.  but OWN the data…  you wrote it… you invested the time and it is YOUR asset…

Don’t have the time, money or ability to do that quite yet?

Then, at least take the time to get YOUR blog posts backed up and added to a blog.  This can be done cheaply and easy.  Most Web Hosts have the ability to set up a simple blog with the touch of a button…

Then just export OUT of your current platform, and into your new blog…  Here are some basic instuction that explain how to do each… (plenty more on the Internet)

The first is a BRAND NEW EXCITING plugin from the mind of Jeff Turner and Zeek, to export and inport from ACTIVE RAIN to WORDPRESS..  This YOUTUBE video will take you step by step through exporting your content from Active Rain and importing it into your blog.  I followed Jeffs Instructions and was done in 5 minutes…  Brilliant.

You can visit this site for more information on writing and how to check plagiarism in your content.

The Zeek Interactive Active Rain Import Plugin

Here is a video on how to export from BLOGGER to WORDPRESS

You Tube Video- Blogger to WordPress

Now SQUARESPACE is a bit tougher, here are the steps..

1. Export your blog from squarespace in Movable Type format?

2. Create a free blog?

3. Import your squarespace blog into Typepad?

4. Export your blog from typepad?

5. Import your blog into using the import tool

If you have any problems exporting or importing, a simple search of Google will result in many pages explaining the process…

But just get it done.  Your work, Your Asset, Your return.

Blammo…the Pre has video courtesy of a OS update.

By Jim Marks

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— Sent from my Palm Pre, I am all thumbs…

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Flattered to be mentioned in “Life by Design”-Tom Ferrys new book.

By Jim Marks

header_left_home_bgJust thought it was a really cool gesture of Tom Ferry to mention me in his new book “Life by Design.” First to acknowlege me at all… I have learned as much as I have taught.

Secondly, to be surrounded in text by THESE NAMES… was simply surreal. I know and respect each one of these individuals as great coaches, motivators and writers… I am truly humbled to be included.

Here is the acknowlegement:

I want to thank all the people who have assisted, coached, and
consulted with me over the last twenty years. Each of you have made
such an indelible impact on my life; the late Jim Rohn, Mike Vance,
Ron Arden, Theresa Jabbour, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Jim Marks,
Gary Vaynerchuk, T. Harv Eker, and Mark Victor Hansen. These are
just a few of the inspirational leaders who helped me learn, grow, and
become a better coach.

BTW, the book absolutely rocks, and is timely as all hell.. If this business climate, or life in general has you second guessing yourself, read this book. It is a shot of inspiration.

By Jim Marks

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By Jim Marks


The Maxine Website is a potent blend between our Buyers and Brokerage sites…

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WordPress 3.0 is HERE!! WooHoo!

By Jim Marks

wordpressHere is the post from Jane Wells at Automatic (the owners of WordPress)

Remember when I posted earlier about the Twitter account, and I said that hopefully you’d find out later today what has been keeping us all so busy? Beta testers, this is your moment: the WordPress 3.0 Beta 1 has arrived!

This is an early beta. This means there are a few things we’re still finishing. We wanted to get people testing it this weekend, so we’re releasing it now rather than waiting another week until everything is finalized and polished. There’s a ton of stuff going on in 3.0, so this time we’re giving you a list of things to check out, so that we can make sure people are testing all the things that need it.

You Should Know:

  • The custom menus system (Appearance > Menus) is not quite finished. In Beta 2, the layout will be different and a bunch of the functionality will be improved, but we didn’t want to hold things up for this one screen. You can play with making custom menus, and report bugs if you find them, but this is not how the final screen will look/work, so don’t get attached to it.
  • The merge! Yes, WordPress and WordPress MU have merged. This does not mean that you can suddenly start adding a bunch of new blogs from within your regular WordPress Dashboard. If you’re interested in testing the Super Admin stuff associated with multiple sites, you’ll need some simple directions to get started.
  • We’re still fiddling with a few small things in the UI, as we were focused on getting the more function-oriented code finished first. For example, we’re getting a new icon for the Super Admin section.

Things to test:

  • Play with the new default theme, Twenty Ten, including the custom background and header options.
  • Custom Post Type functionality has been beefed up. It’s really easy to add new types, so do that and see how it looks!
  • WordPress MU users should test the multiple sites functionality to make sure nothing broke during the merge.

Already have a test install that you want to switch over to the beta? Try the beta tester plugin.

Testers, don’t forget to use the wp-testers mailing list to discuss bugs you encounter.

We hope you like it! And if you don’t, well, check back when beta 2 is ready. :)

Download the WordPress 3.0 Beta 1 now!

This is OFF THE HOOK exciting.  Expect to see some really cool multi user themes and sites coming soon from Virtual Results..  Oh, and there COULD be a super secret project on the horizon…

Are you a Broker with agents that NEED high quality WP sites at a reasonable price?  Stay Tuned…

The Internet is Broken.

By Jim Marks

internet_brokenI was at a Large Brokerage office meeting last week when the conversation of Social Media came up…  (okay, probably because I was at the office…)  There were quite a few agents excited about the prospect of adding social media to their marketing campaign.  They had significantly decreased any type of print marketing and wanted to ensure that were had some effort going forward toward attracting new prospects and increasing their sphere of influence.  They were considering Social Media.

Just about the time we started talking about ways for them to ease into Social Media Marketing, the “tech guru” of the office chimed in with…

John:  “Wait, Wait, Wait…  Let me ask THIS question…     Who here has EVER (I like the annunciated “ever,” as if SM had been around for decades..) written a deal using social media…”

One Hand.

John:  “See Jim?  We just don’t think Social Media works?”  It’s just not viable. OUR clients and prospects are NOT on Social Media”

I was amazed.  You see this was a smart guy, he knows tech and he was trashing my beloved social media, right before my eyes…. How dare he?

Me:” John, I understand that, and this IS the type of question we should ALL be asking…  But,  let me ask ALMOST the same question about Internet Marketing in general?

“Who here has sold a house from ANY Internet effort.  Your website, Your Blog,, Pay-per-click, Social Media?…  ANYTHING?”

One Hand.

Me:  “Well there you have it…  Ladies and Gentleman we have solved the great mystery here today, and CLEARLY the answer is?”

The Internet is Broken.

Of course,  we know that consumers are searching their hearts out on the Internet..  Yes we know that 80% of all Real Estate Consumers do some part of their search on-line. And Internet consumers SAY they want to find their home on-line and then call an agent… We certainly know that every man, women and child WE know uses the Internet…

But if YOU are not getting leads?  It MUST be that Internet isn’t working right.

John?, It certainly couldn’t be that you purchased a website with ZERO foresight or reflection of what the web consumer was actually looking for.

It couldn’t be that you have not looked at your web analytics in years and have no idea WHO is coming to your site and WHY they are not becoming contacts.

It couldn’t be that you never even CONSIDERED what effort might be needed to drive traffic to your website.

It certainly couldn’t be that you created a website that was about YOU and not the product you represent and it certainly couldn’t be that your DOG or your SLOGAN takes up more room on your site than your well thought out opinion of the condition of the market…   Couldn’t be.

And It couldn’t be that you built a web site?  Instead of a web STRATEGY…

And now?  You are going to make EXACTLY the same the mistake with Social Media.

You are going to Tweet, post, blog and follow your way out of business, or at least out of valuable time that you COULD have invested doing something that actually works.  Something you have tried, received feedback and response on, adapted, tweaked, and developed into a strategy, a powerful phone call to an expired or a heavy pitch to a bank exec. Something you have practiced and honed to a proven strategy.

The Internet is NOT broken.  Social Media works.  But you can’t just DO it.  You need to understand it. You need to create a STRATEGY for it, and you need to work that strategy just as you did your geographic farm, with measured input and measured results. You need to figure out what your return on investment expectation is and how to measure it, and you need to be thoughtful, nimble and consistent in your actions. You need to understand that doing Social Media and engaging in a Social Media Strategy with a purpose are two VERY different endeavors, and will provide very different results.

Social Media is NOT a panacea. It is not a golden button and it is CERTAINLY not the answer to your ailing Real Estate practice.  But with a bit of knowledge, some significant planning, a well developed strategy, a measure of discipline and careful MEASUREMENT?

It IS effective marketing.