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Penguin 2.0 and the Misconception of what it does…

By Jim Marks

PenguinPenguin 2.0 #4 is live! and there seems to be a misconception on what that means. As you know, Penguin was Googles filter overlay to reduce the positive impact SEOs were getting from spammy, paid or low quality links.
Matt Cutts, the GOATSEO (God of all things SEO) created a video stating that Penguin 2.0 will be “more comprehensive,” and that this version of Penguin “goes deeper” and will have “more of an impact” than Penguin 1.0.
However, what I am reading is that “goes deeper” means that Penguin 1.0 only impacted the home page of a web site. That is simply not true. For those that had the unfortunate experience of being effected… the whole site was compromised…not just the home page.
I am certain that when Matt said “deeper” Matt meant that Google will crawl deeper into their OWN index. They will look much closer at the link quality of all links and apply new rules to what is a spammy or purchased link and what is a quality link. Matt commented that they are working on ways to ensure that paid links are do not pass page rank.
I am certain that this will be talked about in detail over the next few weeks as we see the effects of Penguin. My guess is that MOST legit SEOs cleaned up their sites before, during and after Penguin 1.0.

NEW FEATURE for Virtual Results Members-Happy Grasshopper

By Jim Marks

Virtual Results to offer Happy Grasshopper Automated Email Service to all clients.

Laguna Beach, CA —  Virtual Results, LLC. is excited to announce it has teamed with Happy Grasshopper to offer all VR clients even more value in 2012!   “Virtual Results websites are already one of the best values an agent can choose.  They are beautifully designed, carefully coded on the WordPress platform and they are built to convert traffic to leads.  Just a great site at a great value.” says VR founder Jim Marks. “We provide our clients content, syndication tools, and we are rolling out more and more proprietary features all the time, like our new evergreen post tool.”

Virtual Results newest feature  is the partnership with Happy Grasshopper.  This will allow VR clients to engage their sphere like never before.

Happy Grasshopper encourages interaction, by creating interesting, clickable, relevant emails.  The emails promote interaction and create interest, therefore generating the ultimate goal… relationships.  “The synergy between the goal of Virtual Results websites and Happy Grasshopper makes this a perfect relationship,” stated Dan Stewart, President of Happy Grasshopper, “Both companies work very hard on creating clients from contacts.”

Virtual Results, Jim Marks believes the Happy Grasshopper service will be of huge benefit to Virtual Results’ clients.  “Combining the technology of Happy Grasshopper with Virtual Results creates a win-win situation for all of our clients,” Marks said.  “Now VR clients can send effective client emails ‘as is’ or with a little personalization, without getting bogged down on the wording of each email.”  Marks continued, “Combining our products makes it EASY for VR clients to reach their clients AND build relationships.”  “We have tested this product extensively and the contact rate is quite amazing.”

Adding Happy Grasshopper service to the Virtual Results offering enhances VR clients internet marketing plan seamlessly and effortlessly.  As each VR website generates leads, new contacts can be added to the existing mailing list easily and each email is carefully crafted by Happy Grasshopper.  With an average 29.3% open rate, effectiveness is guaranteed.  In addition, VR and HG has made it plain simple to get started.  Simply send us a client email list.  Virtual Results and Happy Grasshopper will do the rest.

To learn more about Virtual Results websites, please contact 888.99.RESULTS.

To learn more about Happy Grasshoppers email service, please check out

 Virtual Results Clients  get started today!!  simply Fill out the simple form below!


I want Happy Grasshopper!

We are excited to offer you this service. The service is included in your VR membership and is valid for up to 200 contacts. Above 200, you will need to upgrade and there will be an extra monthly fee. Load 200 now, and contact VR if you would like more! To get started, simply Fill out this CRAZY short form and upload your contact list. We will do the rest!!
  • This can be an excel file, a .csv file, a Word Doc, whatever you have.. Heck take a screenshot... just send it to us!!
    Max. file size: 100 MB.
  • Dont know how to upload a file or having a problem exporting your contacts? Just ask us a question, and we will give you a call! We want this to work for you!


SEO for WordPress in 10 minutes-Anchor Text

By Jim Marks

Enjoy another week of  10 minute our SEO for WordPress Series brought to you by your friends at VIRTUAL RESULTS…

Dont have a GREAT WordPress site?  Find out why you should have a great WordPress Website here.

Need WordPress SEO help?  Check our ALL of our WordPress SEO videos!

SEO for WordPress in 10 minutes-Permalinks

By Jim Marks

Enjoy another week of  10 minute our SEO for WordPress Series brought to you by your friends at VIRTUAL RESULTS…

Dont have a GREAT WordPress site?  Find out why you shoud have a great WordPress Website here.

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SEO for WordPress in 10 minutes-Keyword Research

By Jim Marks

Enjoy Week One of the 10 minute SEO for WordPress Series brought to you by your friends at VIRTUAL RESULTS…

Dont have a GREAT WordPress site?  Find out why you shoud here

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Sales Q&A: Why Buy A Custom Website that Works

By Jim Marks

Why a Custom? Because your market is custom. Because your prospects are custom. Because your sphere is custom. And because YOU are one of a kind.

Shouldn’t your website be?

Virtual Results custom sites exude your brand. They allow Virtual Results to express who you are and why you rock. You are successful for a reason. You need to tell the world why you are better, faster, smarter, bolder and unique.

Our custom websites are not 100% custom. They are BETTER than 100% custom. We work with you to learn your brand and combine it with our knowledge, based on MILLIONS of clicks, of what works…and what doesn’t.

You see… YOU are great at Real Estate (or you wouldn’t be hiring us) and we are great at creating websites that convert traffic to leads. When we combine your knowledge with ours? Bingo. WE ROCK. We each have a job in the process… YOUR JOB is to ensure we understand and create a website that reflects your brand. OUR JOB, is Internet Marketing… We will ensure that your wants and needs don’t break the conversion of our expertly designed architecture, mind map and Call to Actions.

You know the Real Estate Consumer and WE know the Internet Consumer. Perfect partnership. Nothing is left to chance. Each word, placement and page is thought out and tested…

Virtual Results custom websites are not cheap. But if your business has brought you to the point where you need to move to the next level and show your market you are the thought leader? Our custom websites are the perfect solution.

Ready to get started? We’re standing by…

See Examples of Our Work

YES! I want a Virtual Results Custom Posterous Skin

By Jim Marks

ONLY $199

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Is Goggle going after DropBox and Sugarsync?

By Jim Marks

Meet CloudPicker…

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How Geeky are you? WordPress SWAG store opens…. (I am so in…)

By Jim Marks

It took several years of requests and patience, and it’s finally here. Welcome to the new WordPress Swag Store.

Now, WordPress logoed t-shirts, hoodies, iPhone skins, jackets, sports bottles, and even baby onesies and t-shirts can be yours for very modest prices, considering their speciality.

Once only available at WordCamp and WordPress-related events, you can walk around town with your WordPress swathed self looking oh, so, WordPressy cool!

WordPress MugPersonally, my favorite is the WordPress Bistro Mug. I wrote about it in I Love My WordPress Mug, given to me right after they first came out. I’d been nagging Matt and Maya about slapping the logo on a mug to spread WordPress cheer in appropriate places like offices to add some subliminal messaging to the constant pleas of workers to get their companies to embrace WordPress. I arrived at my little trailer in the woods to find a small box and the answers to my wishes within. I couldn’t wait to show it off!

The mug is only USD $10, reasonable as are most of the prices.

The profits generated from the new store will offset the costs associated with shipping WordPress swag to WordCamps, an expense long absorbed into the budget of WordPress.

Don’t wait until the next WordPress event. Go get your WordPress swag now and show the world you are a proud WordPresser.

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Welcome Home our Wayward Son, Drew Meyers

By Jim Marks

drewWhen I left Corporate America, and the ragged life of a Internet Retailer Around Consultant to live the dream of owning my own business, I didn’t pine for big dollars, huge offices and tons of staff. I wanted Virtual Results to quickly accomplish one thing.

I wanted VR to be able to hire the best. I selfishly wanted to be able to work with ONLY who I wanted to work with. I have been fortunate to be able to do just that. VR is my dream team, and this week it got DEMONSTRABLY better.

Our wayward son has come home.

I knew I wanted to work with Drew Meyers the day I met him. Smart, Honest, Hardworking and FUN, Drew loves life, people, travel and technology. We have a ton in common.

Today, after a 6 month “trial run’” where Drew did some consulting for Virtual Results while traveling the world.. Drew Meyers signs on full time and takes a key role at the helm of Virtual Results.

I am elated for this announcement. Drew is going to take on a LOT of Responsibility at VR. We have a whole new product line, soon to be released and Drew will be charged with running this side of the business. I am confident, he is up to the task and great things are imminent.

Drew, Welcome to Virtual Results. We have been waiting for you.